Empowering Future Generations: Boys2Men Mentorship Program

Transforming Lives Through Guidance, Support, and Life Skills

  • Mentoring Future Leaders: Teaching integrity, accountability, and respect.

  • Empowering Through Education: Exploring paths to success beyond high school.

  • Fostering Community Service: Building character through teamwork and service.

The Problem:

Addressing the Crisis of Fatherless Homes

Facing the stark reality where a significant portion of societal challenges stem from fatherless homes, our mission gains urgency.


of Homeless and Runaway Children


of Youths in Prisons


of High School Dropouts

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization committed to transforming the lives of young men through mentorship. Our mission is to equip teenage boys with vital life skills and guide them toward a bright future. We offer guidance in exploring diverse paths such as higher education, skilled trades, entrepreneurship, and military service, opening doors to opportunities that extend beyond their current environment.

What We Teach

Mentorship & Life Skills

Boys2Men is made up of all types of boys with different backgrounds but everyone can use some guidance and life skills. We teach by example.

Brotherhood & Community

It’s important for our boys to be able to sharpen and keep each other accountable. This is a team effort with our boys mentoring each other as well as the leaders.

Serving Others

One way we bond is by serving others and the city of Berea. It teaches a work ethic and build a selfless approach to life.

Boys2Men Alumni

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Boys2Men Alumni Testimonial

One of our 2016 B2M program graduates recently reflected upon his experience:

"B2M was always a good check-in point of my week. The program allowed not only myself, but my friends to vent and talk about the challenges of life. Through the teachings and lessons with Chris, Larry, Allen, Mrs. Debra, etc. I got the chance to unwind, have fun, l earn about what it takes to be a strong man, and also to l earn about God. Overall, my experience has been nothing but positive. I always felt supported in the life path I was on. I was taught accountability along the way - not just from the mentoring adults, but also from the older students in the program. I watched the older students move on and persevere. When my turn came to step out and achieve my dreams, I wanted to set a good example and do the right things for myself as well as the younger members and all

the adults who sacrificed their time for me. To this day, the accountability of B2M remains. My B2M friends have all chosen different paths. College was the path for most of us. Everyone has earned or is finishing up a degree in their respective career fields. I am a graduate of Ohio State University with my degree in social work. I recently started an entry level job at a foster care agency called, T he Buckeye Ranch in Columbus, Ohio. I still keep in touch with the Scott family and the others who made B2M a positive experience. Everyone in the program has different needs and utilizes the group in different ways, but overall I can confidently say that, when asked, there is a positive take away from each member. I encourage the future young men to use B2M as a guide to self reflect and make sure you stay on track to achieve future success. Chris and Mrs. Debra have done a great job and will continue to do so. They are truly here for everyone. If you are blessed with the opportunity, I advise you to utilize them. They are a significant part of my success growing up and moving forward."

Chris Scott, B2M Founder

“Helping Boys Become Better Men"

From Defensive Tackle in the NFL to tackling youth issues on behalf of young men - Chris Scott cuts an impressive figure. The 6’5” former Indianapolis Colts player is the Founder and Executive Director of Boys2Men in Berea, Ohio. A few minutes in his company is all it takes to recognize his infectious enthusiasm for young people and his profound dedication to develop futures for young men through the B2M programming. Boys2Men, Inc. is a community-based organization of positive male mentors who seek to equip boys and young men with the necessary skills to be productive in their families, schools, and communities. This is accomplished by giving them guidance, advice, assistance, and encouragement. Chris Scott graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette with a degree in criminal justice. Chris’ vision and personal mission is to help boys become better men and guide them to a successful career path to a future of opportunity and purposefulness.

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